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Winner of Winners, Clifton Cathedral

Bristol’s Clifton Cathedral received a prestigious ‘Winner of Winners’ award this morning (Friday 27 April). Cathedral Dean, Canon Robert Corrigan, was presented with the national award by Martin Powell, Chief Executive of The Concrete Society.

Clifton Cathedral achieved the ‘Winner of Winners’ award for excellence in the use of concrete and having sustained the test of time.

Canon Robert Corrigan said:

“It was a pleasant surprise to receive the award. It is recognition of the work, skill and vision that went into planning and building the Cathedral.

“I think, even though its outside appearance can be a bit angular, the inside of the Cathedral is a very peaceful place and many people are surprised by what they find when they visit.

“Bristol’s a city with many great buildings, and I hope that the Cathedral can be counted as an addition to that list - albeit a very young one!”

Martin Powell, Chief Executive of The Concrete Society, said:

“Clifton Cathedral has a pleasing external appearance with little evidence of weathering or deterioration. Internally, the appearance is striking with excellent use of natural light on exposed concrete finishes, such as board mark and other patterned forms creating relief pictures.”

The Cathedral previously won an award in 1974. In their original citation the judges praised the interior as:

“A masterpiece of design - only to be achieved in concrete - with form and material and good acoustics creating an atmosphere which most would find totally satisfying. It is a building where design and execution have gone hand in hand to create architecture. No other material could have been used to such effect.”

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